If the Second Amendment merely said that

If the Second Amendment merely said that state militias are entitled to have guns, the Framers wouldn’t have bothered. The main text of the Constitution assumes the existence of state militias that can be called up by the president to repel invasions and suppress insurrections. Did anyone doubt that they would be armed? http://ow.ly/ePRd3

Book Chat with City Journal’s Brian Anderson

The other day I sat down for a 10-minute video interview with Brian Anderson,
Editor of City Journal (if you don’t read CJ already, please check it out, it’s a
must-read).   We talked about constitutional law and, naturally, my new
book.   I recommend the video, of course, but also wanted to draw your attention
to the You Tube channel of the Manhattan Institute, which publishes
City Journal, where you can find other interviews, speeches, and the fabulous
videos of our own Andrew Klavan.

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