A Less Perfect Union:

The Case for States Rights

Less Perfect Union high res“States’ rights” is one of those taboo phrases in today’s politics. If you ask Americans about states’ rights, the reaction you get is typically negative – slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation. And yet, Americans happily embrace notions that are intimately related to states’ rights, such as federalism, community-based politics, responsive politics, home rule, local control, and “think globally, act locally.” In poll after poll, Americans trust their state and local governments far more than they trust Washington.

Why the disconnect? Over the past few decades, especially since the civil rights movement, states’ rights has been unfairly portrayed as a smokescreen for racist repression. It is a convenient way to demonize “small government” conservatives and tar them with the brush of segregation.

 In my book – A LESS PERFECT UNION: The Case for States Rights – I aim to set the record straight. First, I show that states rights is not a vehicle for any particular ideological agenda, including segregation. Rather, states’ rights is the right of every state to exercise all of the powers that have not been specifically entrusted to the federal government. States’ rights is based on a fundamental individual right: the right of every American to enjoy local self-government.

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Critical Praise for A Less Perfect Union

A Less Perfect Union explains how Washington elites have effectivelystaged a coup against the sovereign states, usurping powers that werenever intended for the central government. Moreover, Freedman exposes the delusional thinking of liberals who insist that federal power is always a force for good. As this book shows, the federal takeover of education, healthcare, environmental protection, criminal law, and a host of other issues has been a disaster. With a presidential election approaching, Americans must, as Freedman urges, rediscover the virtues of federalism and self-government.”
— Mark Levin, author of The Liberty Amendments


Citing numerous examples of innovative policies that have come from the states, Freedman argues that local governments are more responsive to citizens’ demands and nimbler than the federal government. Among his proposals: eliminate federal grant programs, cut federal taxes, and let state governments set their own tax and spending priorities. Freedman argues passionately on behalf of checks against excessive federal power.

— Booklist


The Naked Constitution

An originalist manifesto, The Naked Constitution presents a compelling response to the “Living Constitution” theory that allows judges to change the Constitution at will.  In this book, Adam Freedman shows how fidelity to the original meaning of the Constitution is the only way to save the Founder Fathers’ ideal of liberty, federalism, and pluralism.

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Critical Praise for The Naked Constitution

At a time when our liberties are under attack by politicians and judges who treat the Constitution as a decorative prop, Adam Freedman delivers a much needed counterattack.  In The Naked Constitution, Freedman demolishes the bogus theories taught at elite law schools and explains how we can return to the Founders’ principles of individual liberty and limited government.

— Mark Levin

In this very entertaining and informative book, Freedman skewers those who have judicially rewritten the Constitution at the expense of our individual liberties. Well-researched and full of historical insight, The Naked Constitution explains the Founders’ original meaning, and demonstrates the urgency of reclaiming America’s founding ideals. Well done.

— David Limbaugh
Freedman . . . offers a no-holds-barred defense of originalism, which he defines as the proposition that the Constitution should retain the meaning it had when it was ratified in 1789.  . . . Freedman is an entertaining writer and conservative readers will be amused by his use of sarcasm, hyperbole, and inflammatory attacks on liberals.
—  Publishers Weekly

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  2. My husbandand I love listening to your podcasts. We ordered Naked Constitution as a Christmas gift for our 16-year-old daughter, but my husband started reading it before she had the chance! Is this the only book you have? If so, please write more!

  3. Just started reading the book. Excellent! At first I was actually put off by its readability thinking it might wind wind up being lightweight. Anything but! Great detail and background combined with insightful original it’s analysis. More please, Mr. Freedman!

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