A Less Perfect Union: The #1 New Release in US Local Government, per Amazon

I know these things can change hour-to-hour, but I was happy to see that (as of now), A Less Perfect Union, is the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Local Government category!

One response

  1. There is no national mission statement, nor goal, the Constitution has been shredded of meaning especially with respect to states rights [sic] and it looks as thought the Grand Experiment” in political science is failing. I like to call it national suicide — The Second Civil War — since Russia isn’t attacking us, it is us attacking us. THE REAL GOAL IS POWER, RAW POWER OF “WE THE PEOPLE” BY THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT. The opposition — the Republican political party — does not seem to understand that fact. It plays by the rules of the Left on the playing field of the Left. The only question will become — as F. A. Hayek asked — who (on the left) decides?

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