If the Second Amendment merely said that

If the Second Amendment merely said that state militias are entitled to have guns, the Framers wouldn’t have bothered. The main text of the Constitution assumes the existence of state militias that can be called up by the president to repel invasions and suppress insurrections. Did anyone doubt that they would be armed? http://ow.ly/ePRd3

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  1. Regulate people and Arms in the public domain (aka Militia) and do this well, being necessary to secure Liberty (Noah Webster defined “Liberty” as “the state of being free”. Its a different kind of “State” and not being associated with a colony. State Militias just vanished.
    Now we continue to read this one sentence using only the bias of a dictionary from left to right like any other… ‘the people have a right to keep and bear Arms (but not the ones that we have just regulated out of society which would cause the societal conditions of war (there is no such thing as self-regulating people.. so why empower them in the first place)

    and this shall not be infringed upon. It has always been a theory that the more enlightened of 18th century society did not know when to use hyphens for clarification. Some did. “We hold these truths to be self-evident”. This is WHY they did not fix the language of the second amendment as scholars had been doing today. The second amendment was a first impression by design 18th century society just didn’t read the fine print which was anticipated. There is no easier sales pitch to human nature than the perception of a gift of power. Benjamin Franklin was the original “creator” of this one sentence which was crafted using extremely clever English, Mathematics and Human Psychology. He first had to outsmart 18th century society ad then explain it later with ONLY these letters. There are in excess of 1000,

    The late Justice Scalia just didn’t read the fine print. He violated the constitution by voting on its meaning. SCOTUS will no longer be required to interpret the Second Amendment. I suspect some may change their mind about originalism.

    “History may distort truth, and will distort it for a time, by the superior efforts at justification of those who are conscious of needing it most. Nor will the opening scenes of our present government be seen in their true aspect, until the letters of the day, now held in private hoards, shall be broken up and laid open to public view. What a treasure will be found in General Washington’s cabinet, when it shall pass into the hands of as candid a friend to truth as he was himself!”

    [Thomas Jefferson, To Justice William Johnson, June 12, 1823, Letter Founders Online MHI: Adams Paper]

    I am a software architect with over 20 years of experience. Hopefully this research will clear things up. The USA will be able to move on. This will be similar to learning that Santa Clause and why. In one truly cares about the truth of history then they must first acknowledge that truth can sometimes live in the gray and in no way does truth actually care how we feel about it.

    The right to keep and bear Arms never existed. Everyone has a constitutional right to common sense Arms laws. In reality yes Arms do kill people. If one truly wants to be a patriot then they must think of their neighbor first. Arming a society to the teeth will only cause societal conditions of war. This is not a civilized society because governments are tasked to take care of its people. The science of government. When Thomas Jefferson called the constitution a living document he did not mean that he anticipated humans to become smarter over time. He only meant that the constitution was all about living and not dying. It was never anticipated that a cure for human nature would come along anytime soon. It is also a cold hard truth that some are more intelligent than others. Who would be most qualified to invent a better society? A polymath and genius like Benjamin Franklin or the will of the people of an ignorant society that believed there were different kinds of human beings and rather enjoyed cheap labor? This IS the “American Experiment”. It worked on December 2 2015. It was activated on December 15, 1791. That was when “Pandora’s box” was opened. Now it can be closed.

    The time to move on is coming like a freight train.

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