The Naked Constitution Podcast: The Judiciary

My latest podcast is now live on Ricochet!  This week, we’re discussing “the least dangerous branch.” And yet, we find ourselves wondering how the federal judiciary has oh-so-meekly taken over the duties of the other two branches of government. Cato Scholar and veteran court-watcher Walter Olson explains the perils of judicial activism by unelected judges. But Clark Neilly of the Institute for Justice warns that “judicial abdication” can be just as bad – with examples of (ouch!) forced sterilization laws. Throw in some background about the Founders’ fear of judges “construing” the Constitution and you get a cracking good discussion of the real meaning of Article III.

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What’s at Stake in November: The Video

I’ve posted a lot about the high stakes in this November’s election.  With an aging Supreme Court, there is little question that whoever wins in November will get to reshape the Court for a generation.  And that means that the very idea of constitutional government is hanging in the balance.   For those who like videos, here is a 1 minute, 18 second summary of my argument:

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