Author and Radio Host Mark Levin Salutes The Naked Constitution

“At a time when our liberties are under attack by politicians and judges who treat the Constitution as a decorative prop, Adam Freedman delivers a much needed counterattack.  In The Naked Constitution, Freedman demolishes the bogus theories taught at elite law schools and explains how we can return to the Founders’ principles of individual liberty and limited government.”

– Mark Levin, Syndicated Talk Show Host and author of Liberty and Tyranny

An originalist manifesto, The Naked Constitution presents a compelling response to the “Living Constitution” theory that allows judges to change the Constitution at will.  In this book, Adam Freedman shows how fidelity to the original meaning of the Constitution is the only way to save the Founder Fathers’ ideal of liberty, federalism, and pluralism.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million,  Indie-Bound, or wherever fine books are sold!

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