What’s at Stake: The Rule of Law

Familiarity breeds contempt, I know.  Perhaps that’s why our former ConLaw Prof President has so little regard for the Constitution.  Whatever the reason, Obama’s first term has witnessed a steady erosion of the “rule of law,” by which I mean a system in which the political classes recognize that laws have fixed meanings that can withstand the ambitions of individual men and women.  Give the guy four more years, and Obama might just kill off constitutional government altogether.

From the get-go, BHO has brushed aside constitutional niceties – remember those heady early days when the administration revealed its gangster tactics: robbing Chrysler bondholders to pay off the UAW?

When Obama got angry with the Supreme Court over Citizens United, he first tried public humiliation of the justices on national TV.  Then he tried to ram the DISCLOSE act through Congress.  Ultimately, he tried to undo Citizens United via an executive order that sought to intimidate corporations from political contributions under pain of forfeiting government contracts.

Obama didn’t like Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act, so he declared that he wasn’t going to enforce it.  Never mind the president’s the duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”  He’s not too keen on “faithfully” executing immigration laws, either.  He used the power of the federal government in an attempt (partially successful) to shut down Arizona’s valiant attempt to enforce federal law.   And then Obama unilaterally exempted 800,000 illegals from the scope of federal immigration law.  Congress of course was not consulted. Why bother?

Unlike Clinton, Obama doesn’t want to “end welfare as we know it.” In fact, he’s been exempting states from the mean old workfare requirements, even though the welfare reform law gives him no such power.

As a senator, Obama railed against Bush’s wiretapping program.  As president, Obama claims the power to kill any person – even US citizens – who he thinks pose a threat to the country.  But of course, he can trusted with that power.

Having won the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama decided he needed a war of his own.  So he authorized an attack on Libya. No need to consult the yokels in Congress.  They’ve never lived abroad.  What do they know about killing foreigners?

And when anyone in Congress has the temerity to question the administration, they get nothing but stonewalling and bogus claims of phony privilege.

Can you imagine a second term Obama?  Drunk with power, untroubled by reelection, he will move the government decisively closer to Peronist dictatorship.  The comparison is not hyperbole.  On paper, Argentina has a very good Constitution, large swaths of it were copied from the US Constitution.   A constitution is not self-executing.  The political class has to respect it.

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