Top Five Reasons Doctors Don’t Recommend ObamaCare

The five top reasons ObamaCare is bad for doctors (ht: Heritage’s Foundry blog):

  1. Adds more patients to Medicaid. (On average, Medicaid physician payments are only 56 percent of what private insurance pays).
  2. Leaves the flawed Medicare payment formula on the books. Every year, Congress passes a last minute “doc fix” to kick the can down the road. Obamacare does nothing to solve it.
  3. Creates a new board to further cut provider payments. Obamacare uses the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB — or “death panel” as its known to its friends), a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats, to contain cost growth in Medicare by finding ways to cut spending to meet a new budget target.
  4. Exacerbates future physician shortage.  One survey found that Obamacare is motivating 43 percent of doctors to move up their retirement within the next five years. This will intensify the already existing doctor shortage.
  5. Destroys the doctor-patient relationship. Obamacare’s massive amount of red tape and regulations will tear apart the doctor-patient relationship.  A recent doctor survey found that 67 percent of doctors surveyed said Obamacare would not improve the doctor-patient relationship.

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